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As we've noted before, we spend A LOT of time in whatever vehicle or vehicles we rent, and we get to know the insides of them very well.  So it's important, for no reason I can think of, to commemorate them.

This year, like last year, we had the maximum number of people you could have and still all fit in one 15-passenger van.  By using the back seat and the space underneath it for luggage, we can all fit in.

This year we had a Ford E350, and it was for the most part fine.  Towards the end of the week, though, we began to have trouble starting it after it sat overnight as though there was some kind of small drain on the battery.  But we never found the problem before returning it at the end of the week.

When we did return it, we had put exactly 1,825 miles on it.  To give you some idea of just how many miles that is, you could get in the van in Athens, DRIVE all the way to Las Cruces, New Mexico, and still not have gone 1,825 miles (you'd be about 160 miles short).

You can see all the vehicles we've rented over the years on our special page dedicated to them. 


A 2009 Ford E350 was our vehicle this year.  When we picked it up, it had about 27,000 miles on it, and we put another 1,825 on the odometer before we were through with it.


A couple of photos attempting to capture the flavor of being cooped up in the van for hours on end.  Mr. Gale, at left, is faking it.  Mr. Rogers, in the center at right, has an expression on his face more in keeping with how one feels as it gets to be the 9th of 12 consecutive hours in the van.


THIS is what you remember most about riding in the van.