2010 The Competition
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Our boys are in the second booth area up from the bottom.

Dr.Ridgway in discussion with the group.


Wide view of the competition floor.  Blue draping this year.  Same color as in 2002.

Visit by a team of judges.


The group's task was to develop a means by which pondwater samples could be concentrated by a factor of 1000 to facilitate shipment to testing facilities, which can often be many miles away.  The idea is to eliminate most of the water while keeping all of what was IN the water. 

In this photo, the results are evident.  In the left-most bowl is the water sample as received.  In the center is the water extracted, and at the right is the concentrated sample that is the goal and was submitted for testing.

Samples prepared and delivered for testing. Here's to hope!


Nick Van Horn plus some unidentifiable guy in the back (Arthur Gildea?) demonstrating operation of the unit.

Team poster.


Passing a little time by playing euchre with, get this, REAL playing cards.  I didn't think anyone under the age of 30 knew what a real playing card WAS any more.  Euchre would be great time passer during the long van rides.

Left to right:  Matt Moyer, Nick Van Horn, Arthur Gildea, and Nick Frank.  Just out of view on the right, and the constant kibbitzer, is Fritz Hoffman.