2010 Farley's
Home Up




We were back again in 2010, and nothing had changed, which is good.  Even the price of a Mondo Hondo didn't increase over 2009.

This year, though, because the contest was earlier in the year, we were not in Las Cruces the Monday of the NCAA basketball finals, so we had no reason to choose a particular night to go to Farley's.  So we went Tuesday night.


Exterior looking the same as always.   In case you didn't know what people sitting around a table at a restaurant looking at menus looks like.



The price of a Mondo Hondo did not change for 2010.  Hooray!



A Mondo Hondo as it arrives from the kitchen.   A Mondo Hondo after as much as can be eaten has been eaten.
Fritz shows us what one looks like after finishing a Mondo Hondo.  Of course, some would argue that he looks like this all the time.





An evening of shooting pool after dinner.