2010 Scoopy's
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We visit every year.  Not much changes from year to year, but we document our presence, anyway. 

As we usually do, we hit one of the two Scoopy's several times during our visit.

Yes, it's really called Caliche's, and it has been for years.  But we first came to know it as Scoopy's, and that's what it will always be to us.


The original, on the west side of town   The huge and enticing menu chock full of mouth-watering frozen custard treats.
Kind of an interesting array of benches to the right of the older store.  Lots of room to sit and enjoy one's treat, or take in a baseball game, if there were a field in front of you.   The east side location.  A bit more modern, a bit more concrete, but no less tasty
We enjoy our treats on the aforementioned benches.