2010 Standin' on the Corner
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We stood on the corner for the first time back in 2006, when our schedule had us flying in and out of Albuquerque rather than Phoenix, so we needed to be close enough to Albuquerque on the last morning to make our approximately 2 p.m. flight.

We did it again in 2009 when once again our travels had us passing Winslow, Arizona, which is as good a place as any along I-40 to stop for gas.

Winslow, as we all know, was made famous in the 1970s by the Eagles' 1972 song "Take it Easy."  To commemorate the song and its mention of the city, Winslow built a statue of a guy ("a 70's-era rocker") standing on a corner and created a small park around him.

This year the streets right around the park were undergoing extensive repair, so it was not that easy to get near it, but we managed.



I didn't know that this attraction is recognized by Hampton Hotels "as a site worth seeing."  Do we need any more of an endorsement than that to stop by?
The Girl, My Lord, in the Flatbed Ford Slowin' Down to Take a Look at Me.  It's a mural.
Wide view of the park.  Note the close-by construction.  Last year there was a real flatbed Ford truck parked along the curb on the left.  I wonder if it will come back once the construction is finished.
The students posing with the '70's-era rocker. 
The profs posing with the rocker and doing a much better job of it.  Note, especially, how well Dr. Gulino's pose (he's on the left) mimics that of the rocker.  A little-known fact is that the sculptor DID have Dr. Gulino pose for the statue.