2010 The Thing
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Our 2010 stop at The Thing marked our fifth visit in 11 years of attendance at the WERC competition.  We were also here in 2004, 2005, 2008, and 2009.  Any time we're passing by on I-10, we stop in because, well, you gotta stop somewhere for gas and so forth, and they have a Dairy Queen.  Need I say more?




I deliberately left this photo large so that you can make out the "Thing" billboard lurking in the trees on the right side of the highway pretty much in the dead center of the photo.  Like The Thing itself, these signs pop up on you out of nowhere about two dozen times in either direction on I-10.   By the time you actually arrive at the exit for The Thing, you are literally drooling with anticipation

Yes, you have almost made it.  The Thing is at the very next exit!   Another beautiful day at The Thing.  Aren't they all?
No change in price in all the years we've stopped.  How can you beat that for inflation-fighting, wholesome, family entertainment?