2010 Vehicle
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For the third year running, we rented a single 15-passenger van.  With only seven total people on the trip, we had plenty of room for luggage and to spread out, and it was nice. 

You can see all the vehicles we've rented over the years on our special page dedicated to them. 


A 2010 Chevrolet Express was our vehicle this year.  When we picked it up, it had about 11,000 miles on it, and we put another 1,813 on the odometer before we were through with it.  Interestingly, that was almost exactly the same mileage we put on last year's van (1,825).  Good thing we get them with unlimited miles!

This was probably the best van we've ever had.  Not a single problem the entire trip.  Last year, the battery would run down overnight sometimes, and we were lucky to get it started the next morning.  But it didn't do it consistently, and we could never figure out the problem.  The year before, the remote keyless fob didn't work, so we had to actually stick the key in the door every time we wanted to unlock it.  How 1970s can you get?

For the first time, we had a vehicle that was "flex fuel" and could take the E-85 (85%) ethanol fuel.  We never found a station, though, in our 1800+ miles of travel that offered this fuel. This is the owner's manual for the van.  Who takes a picture of the owner's manual, you say?  WE do!  (It proves we actually had the van, right?  I mean, we COULD have just taken a picture of any van parked on the side of the road or in a parking lot and called it ours, couldn't we have? How would you ever know one way or the other?  More importantly, why would you CARE?)


What you remember most about riding in the van.  Lots of open space, and a highway that looks like it stretches on forever.


The "Welcome to Arizona" sign heading westbound on I-40.  Apparently parking is not allowed anywhere in Arizona. Saw this nifty pink Cadillac with a white vinyl top on I-40 in New Mexico.