2010 White Sands
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White Sands National Monument is about an hour east of Las Cruces over the Organ Mountains via the San Agustin Pass.  We have visited every year that we have been in New Mexico, including 2010.

As we often try to do, we visited in the evening to see the sunset.  The weather was perfect in terms of temperature, cloud cover, and lack of wind.



The entry fee hasn't changed at all in our 11 visits over the last 12 years.

Dinner at one of the picnic shelters.  The weather was perfect.  We went Monday night of WERC week.


Mr. Moyer about to land on his back.   Mr. Gildea (I think) and Mr. Frank.  Professor Ridgway (under Mr. Frank) watches in stunned silence.
Mr. Van Horn in the air with Mr. Hoffman, who did not jump much and thus needs a good shove off a cliff, in the foreground looking on.   Mr. Frank leaping over Mr. Van Horn.
Group jump.  Even Mr. Hoffman got into the act this time (but not by much!).   Standing still.
A clear night is a good time to view the sun setting.   Moonrise as we're leaving the park.
Our annual attempt to spell out OHIO with our shadows.  We had barely enough people to do it this year.  Good thing we're not from somewhere that takes a lot of letters to spell!