2011 Farley's
Home Up




We came back again in 2011, and little had changed, which is good.  As we usually do, we watched the finals of the NCAA men's basketball tournament, which comes on at 7 p.m. in the Mountain Time Zone.

One thing that has changed is the array of television sets, most of which are flat-screen now.


No exterior shot this year.  This time we begin with the big "EATS" sign above the grill and directly behind our table, which was set up where it usually is.   Sitting at our table after ordering.  Fascinating, isn't it.
  Group photo taken by the kindly waitress.  Why Dr. Ridgway has that "You hear that, Elizabeth? I'm coming to join ya, honey!" look, we don't know.



The price of a Mondo Hondo has remained unchanged for three years running now.



Because we're engineers, we graph things, and a plot of the cost of a Mondo Hondo as a function of time seemed like a good thing to do, so here it is.  A trendline has been fitted, and it indicates that the cost of a Mondo Hondo in 2050 will be $27.64.  Of course, by 2050, I would be 93 years old, and if the burger itself hasn't killed me off by then, the price of it certainly will have.



Brian Bell was the only one among us who chose to order a Mondo Hondo this year.  As these four photos show, he successfully navigated it, and no post-Mondo Hondo ill effects were noted.





Shooting some pool after dinner.