2011 La Mesilla
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La Mesilla, a small "suburb" of Las Cruces (that was actually there first) that is now mostly known for its historic square with small shops and restaurants featuring local crafts and cuisine, is a must-see when visiting Las Cruces.  We get here at one point or another every visit, and this time was no different.  As we did last year, we visited on Sunday, so the church was open and the square was busy.



Sign explaining the history of the town on the left.  View across the square of the San Albino Catholic Church on the right.
More scenes from around the square.
At left, according to the sign at right, is the oldest brick building in New Mexico.  It now houses a large gift shop.
Above right, Alisa poses with her best friend.  Below she and Jermain demonstrate southwestern headwear available in the Billy the Kid gift shop.