2011 Opening and Closing Events
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All events associated with this year's contest were held at the venue for this year, the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum.  The original plan called for the opening dinner to be held in the museum's courtyard, but high winds forced a move to two meeting rooms on the inside.  It was still fine.


Gangs of Ohio University students enjoying a hearty meal prior to the opening ceremonies.


WERC Direct Abbas Ghassemi (blue shirt) and NMSU Dean of Engineering Ricardo Jacquez welcome everyone in the museum's theater.




Several of the group dutifully filling out their contest evaluation forms prior to the closing banquet and ceremonies.  If you submitted the form, you received a ticket for a drawing for one of two digital cameras (I think it was).  Anyway, both of the cameras were apparently won by two people from the same school.  Coincidence?  Hmmm.

Above and below are some scenes from the closing banquet, which was held in the same room as the booth demonstrations (and the closing banquet) had been held in.  That's Dean Jacquez above and Dr. Ghassemi below left.  Below right is the keynote speaker, John Peichel of General Electric Water and Process Technologies.