2011 Scoopy's
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We visit every year.  Not much changes from year to year, but we document our presence, anyway. 

As we usually do, we hit one or both of the two Scoopy's several times during our visit.

Yes, it's really called Caliche's, and it has been for years.  But we first came to know it as Scoopy's, and that's what it will always be to us.


Crowding around the menu board.  For the two profs, who have been to Scoopy's numerous times over the years, the visit is nothing special.  But for the students, who are pretty much new every year, the anticipation can be unbearable.   Nighttime shot.  Neon.
More nighttime.   The entire gang has eaten their treats, but we can't leave until this picture is snapped.