2011 Standin' on the Corner
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We've stood on the corner now for three years in a row and four years altogether.  Our first time was in 2006, and then we were back in 2009 and 2010.  In all cases, we've stopped because our travel itinerary has us passing Winslow, which is right along I-40 in Arizona on the route between Flagstaff and Albuquerque.

This time, it was a Saturday, and we were on our way from Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon area, which we had visited the day before, to our final destination of Las Cruces.  There are several ways to make this approximately 475 mile trip, but the most direct is to head east from Flagstaff on I-40, exit at Holbrook and head generally southeast through St. Johns and Eagar.  Once on U.S. 60, it's a straight shot east to Socorro, and then it's I-25 south to Las Cruces.

Winslow, as we all know, was made famous in the 1970s by the Eagles' 1972 song "Take it Easy."  To commemorate the song and its mention of the city, Winslow built a statue of a guy ("a 70's-era rocker") standing on a corner and created a small park around him.

Last year the streets right around the park were undergoing extensive repair, so it was not that easy to get near the Standin' guy, but this year everything was all finished and nice and neat.



It was about 10 a.m. when we visited.  It was a bright, sunny day, and the park was partly in shadow.  The Standin' guy is in the left center of the photo.  The flatbed truck is to the right and is also pictured in the painting on the wall visible just above the truck's hood.  That's one of our vans in the back left behind the stop sign with many of us still getting out of the vans and coming on over to do some Standin'.
A better view of the mural showing The Girl, My Lord, in the Flatbed Ford Slowin' Down to Take a Look at Me.
A real flat-bed Ford truck, just as the song calls for.  On one of our earlier visits, everyone climbed on the truck for a photo, even though it wasn't clear that you are allowed to do that, but it also isn't clear that you aren't.  We figured there'd be signs saying "keep off the truck" if they wanted you to stay off, so we climbed on.  But this year, no one seemed to feel like doing it, so we didn't.
Just to make sure you don't forget, Winslow IS along the old route 66.  The route formed the main street through town, as it did for many of the towns along the route in the old days.  Nowadays, it's the interestate "business loop" through these towns.

Below is a similarly-shaped sign informing you of what you are doing as you look at the sign.

All fifteen of us, doin' (note the lack of a "g"--that's a requirement around here!) what we came to do --

Standin' on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona.