2011 Tanner Trail Hike
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We had been wanting to hike this trail since 2009.  That year, though, one of us was a bit under the weather during our time at the Grand Canyon, so the others of us just walked the rim from Hermit's Rest back to the Bright Angel area.

Last year we didn't do it because the weather was not good. It had been a cold, snowy winter, and at the time of our visit, there was still snow at the top end of the trail.

This year, though, we had no excuses.  Everyone was healthy and the weather was fine. so off we went.  The Tanner is described as a more diffiicult trail than any of the others we had done, with greater steepness and less development.  This turned out to be true.  We did not get as far as we originally thought we might, but we made it to the saddle area, and with the heat of the day being what it was (it was among the more warmer of the days we have experienced in our visits to the Canyon over the years) and the difficulty of the climb back out, discretion turned out to be the better part of valor, and we headed back. 

We got out with no real trouble, but I know that I'm glad that we didn't attempt anything more than what we did.  We apparently hiked about two miles down and obviously two miles back for a total of four miles.  But it was steep and rocky each way, and walking up and down rocks is tiring, even if you don't do it for very long.

We were certainly glad that we were finally able to make the hike.


The Tanner Trail trailhead is along the small road leading to Lipan Point about 25 miles east of the Grand Canyon Village area.  In fact, last year, after we had finished our hike, we decided to drive out and try to find out the trailhead.  It turned not to be the easiest thing to find as it's kind of hidden just off the Lipan Point access road with no sign easily seen from the road.  But we found it.

Here are a couple of views from the overlook area.  They look like every other photo of the Grand Canyon, but you never get tired of looking at it.  You can also get an idea of what the weather was like.  Clear and a bit warm.  (OK, you can't get an idea of the warm part from these photos, but take my word for it!)

Lipan Point information sign.   Two posts that form sort of a gate at the top of the Tanner Trail.
Views along the trail on our descent.  These were some of the less steep, less rocky portions.
The Saddle area where we decided to turn around.    
The intrepid hikers just before starting the hike back out.