2011 White Sands Missile Range
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White Sands Missile Range is about a half-hour east of Las Cruces over the Organ Mountains via the San Agustin Pass.  We visited here for the first time last year.  Because the contest schedule left some open time once again this year, we came again, on Wednesday afternoon.

Visitors to the missile range are permitted to see only the missile museum, which contains both indoor and outdoor displays.  It is quite interesting, and, at an entrance fee of $0, well worth the visit.  Photography is permitted only in the museum and of the outdoor display.

We took lots of photos of the missiles on display last year, so visit that page to see them.  This year, we snapped a few more, plus some from inside the museum.

There was no actual missile test during our visit this year.



Relatively unimposing sign on U.S. 70 indicates the presence of the Missile Range.   View of part of the outdoor missile park.
    A German V-2 rocket is on display inside a building dedicated
only to it and to two rest rooms.
Tim poses next to the "Fat Man" bomb.  It's actually a duplicate of the casing assembled after World War II, as the sign on the right describes.    
Jermain standing next to a sign warning about his most favorite animal on the planet.
  Plaque placed by the AIAA commemorating the Missile Range as
an Historic Aerospace Site.
View of the museum from standing in front of the V-2 building.   First of several photos of a display about the testing of the first atomic bomb at the Trinity Site on July 16, 1945.
    The museum houses some rather mundane-appearing but nonetheless important artifacts from the Range's early history.
    Darth Vader apparently had some role in the history of the MIssile Range.  Who knew?  Man, the guy does get around!