2001 Banquet Photos
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WERC Director Abbas Ghassemi welcomes us to the awards banquet.  The Task 6 group is sitting at the table in the foreground. A general crowd shot.
Dan Gulino, Joe Howard, and Ben Stuart, left to right at the table in the foreground, enjoy the proceedings. Another crowd shot.  Yes, it was crowded.
The Task 11 group, plus Scott Connor (at far right) and one of the judges (left foreground).  To the judge's left is Jim Prentis, followed by Paul Liedtke, Buck Buckenberger, Alex Thompson, the aforementioned Mr. Connor, and Mike Ring (blue shirt). Task 6 table.  Starting at far left and moving clockwise, we have Chrissy Cunningham, Dan Bednar, Darin Ridgway (faculty advisor), Eric Wittine, Bryan Wansoky, an unidentified judge, Frank Kerze (back to us), and April Frye (back to us).
The Task 7 table.  Starting with the front and moving clockwise, that's Ryan Marthy (back to us in blue shirt), a judge, Jason Wise, Kurt Lape, Abigail Zechman, Jeff Leake. Ty Thompson, and Mike Kotheimer (back to us in white shirt). The Ohio University female contingent.  From left, April Frye, Chrissy Cunningham, and Abigail Zechman.