2000 Climbing the A
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At the upper left of this photo you can see the "A," which stands for "Aggies," the nickname of the NMSU sports teams.  It was constructed of rocks and located on a hillside (mountainside?--when does a hill become a mountain?) to the east of the NMSU campus.  The building in the foreground is an NMSU residence hall.  This photo was obtained from the NMSU website.

To climb the A, one simply drove toward it until one could drive no more.  Then one got out of one's car and started walking toward it.  Our goal was to make it to the top in time to view the sunset (occurring at about 7:30 p.m. local time) and then get back to the car before it got too dark to see where we were going.  From where we parked the car, we made it to the top in about 18 minutes (I guess that makes it a hill--after all, what self-respecting mountain can be climbed in 18 minutes?), and we made it back down just in time.


We're on the way up.


Farther up the trail, what looked like an observatory came into view.

Yep.  Looks pretty much like an observatory to me.  It didn't look as though it was in current use.  The sun was about to set.


There we are!  From left, Brian Weaver, Scott Connor, Darin Ridgway, Holly Carlson, Jen Himes, Beth Weber, and Dan Gulino.  Christina Cunningham was also part of this climb, but she decided to stop part way up for a better vantage point for some photos she wished to take.

There's the sun, setting.  Cool, huh?