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The venue for the contest in most years.

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Below are links to pages describing our trips to New Mexico since 1999 in reverse chronological order.  If you see any errors or omissions, or if you have any questions or comments, please let me know!


Dan Gulino




WERC 2012

See a video and news article posted in mid-February 2012 about this year's team and their project for this year's contest.


PLAY 2012

coming later


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WERC 2011

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletOpening Ceremonies/Closing Ceremonies
bulletTask 3 - reverse osmosis membrane cleaning
bulletTask 7 - water disinfection in remote, rural locations


PLAY 2011

bulletGrand Canyon
bulletSouth Kaibab/Tonto/Bright Angel trails hike
bulletTanner Trail Hike
bulletTusayan Museum
bulletStandin' On the Corner (our fourth visit overall and third in a row; this is habit-forming)
bulletThe Very Large Array (our third visit after 2004 and 2008, but this one was the most interesting)
bulletOur Lodging
bulletPancakes (what?  well, click on it to find out)
bulletLa Mesilla
bulletFarley's (what did the Mondo Hondo cost this year?)
bulletWhite Sands National Monument
bulletWhite Sands Missile Range (our second consecutive year)
bulletThe Thing (always)
bulletThe Vehicles

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WERC 2010

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletOpening Activities
bulletThe Competition
bulletClosing Banquet


PLAY 2010

bulletStandin' On The Corner (our third time!)
bulletWilliams, Arizona
bulletGrand Canyon
bulletThe Thing
bulletWhite Sands National Monument
bulletThe Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility
bulletWhite Sands Missile Range
bulletThe Vehicle

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WERC 2009

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletOpening Ceremony and Competition Arena
bulletThe Competition
bulletTask 3 – brackish water pretreatment
bulletTask 5 – wind energy to clean water


PLAY 2009

bulletTombstone, Arizona
bulletDonuts, Arizona
bulletThe Thing, Arizona
bulletGhost Town, New Mexico
bulletLa Mesilla
bulletScoopy's Frozen Custard
bulletWhite Sands National Monument
bulletWine Tasting
bulletPetrified Forest National Park
bulletStandin' on the Corner
bulletGrand Canyon
bulletMaswik Lodge
bulletSouth Kaibab-Tonto-Bright Angel Hike
bulletRim Hike
bulletThe Vehicle
bulletV is for Victory

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WERC 2008

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletCompetition Arena
bulletThe Competition
bulletTask 1 – green buildings
bulletTask 3 – inland water desalination


PLAY 2008

bulletSedona, Arizona
bulletGrand Canyon (our fifth visit in six years)
bulletSouth Kaibab/Tonto/Bright Angel Trails
bulletGrandview Trail
bulletRim Trail
bulletVery Large Array (first visit here since 2004)
bulletBrewpubs (two old favorites)
bulletFarley's (as always)
bulletWhite Sands National Monument
bulletFrozen Custard (that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet)
bulletThe Thing (again—our third visit after '04 and '05—you just can't drive past this without stopping!)
bulletThe Vehicle (one this year—we put about 1400 miles on it)

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WERC 2006

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletThe Competition
bullet Assembly/Presentation


PLAY 2006

bulletCarlsbad Caverns (on the first day this time)
bulletBrewpubs (a new one this year in a little town in Arizona, plus the old favorite)
bulletRelaxing by the Pool (what else would you do with it?)
bulletFarley's (we return after a year's absence)
bulletLa Mesilla
bulletWhite Sands National Monument (of course!)
bulletFrozen Custard (wouldn't be a trip to Las Cruces without it!)
bulletGolf (as always)
bulletGrand Canyon
bulletSouth Kaibab/Tonto/Bright Angel
bulletHermit's Rest
bulletStandin' On the Corner
bulletThe Vehicles (making a record of them has become a habit)

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WERC 2005

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletOpening and Closing
bulletPosing for the Award
bulletThe Competition
bulletTask 3 - peroxide and ammonia removal
bulletTask 8 - dust control


PLAY 2005

bulletThe Thing (again?)
bulletBrewpubs (we go for the taste of homemade beer, the collectible pint glasses, and the good food)
bulletWhite Sands National Monument (it's become an annual thing)
bulletLounging by the Pool (yes, we were at a hotel this year that actually had a pool)
bulletEl Patio
bulletFrozen Custard (under a new name!)
bulletGolf (of course!)
bulletGrand Canyon

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WERC 2004

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletSnapshots that don't fit anywhere below
bulletOpening banquet
bulletThe Competition
bulletWide-Angle View of the Arena
bulletTask 3 - perchlorate removal
bulletTask 4 - carbon sequestration
bulletTask 5 - bacteria removal
bulletClosing Banquet


PLAY 2004

bulletThe Thing
bulletDripping Springs
bulletAs Always, Golf
bulletEl Patio
bulletWhite Sands National Monument
bulletCiudad Juarez, Mexico
bulletOnce Again, Farley's
bulletThe Very Large Array
bulletGrand Canyon
bulletBright Angel Trail
bulletSouth Kaibab Trail
bulletOn the Rim Afterwards and Watching the Sun Set
bulletSedona, Arizona

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WERC 2003

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletOn the Way to Las Cruces
bulletOpening Banquet
bulletWide-Angle View of the Competition Arena
bulletTask 2 - arsenic removal
bulletTask 3 - copper removal
bulletTask 11 - timber use
bulletClosing Banquet
bulletTable Photos
bulletThe Awards


PLAY 2003

bulletTombstone, Arizona
bulletAgua Prieta, Mexico
bulletFarley's - It's Become a Las Cruces Tradition
bulletBrewpubs and Restaurants (in Las Cruces, El Paso, and Flagstaff)
bulletHaving Way Too Much Fun
bulletWhite Sands Visit
bulletOn the Way
bulletPicnic Dinner
bulletDune Jumping
bulletThe Little Kids Arrive
bulletMogollon, New Mexico Ghost Town
bulletGrand Canyon Hiking
bulletViews from the Rim Area
bulletAlong the Bright Angel Trail
bulletThe Guy in the Speedo
bulletIndian Garden
bulletPlateau Point
bulletThe Adventures of Flat Chad

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April 7-11, 2002


WERC 2002

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletViews of the Arena
bulletTask 4 - removal of explosives from soil
bulletTask 6 - uranium contamination removal
bulletTask 12 - use of small diameter timber


PLAY 2002

bulletLunch at Soccoro Springs Brewing Company
bulletWhite Sands National Monument (of course!)
bulletLa Mesilla
bulletReturn to Farley's
bulletCarlsbad Caverns Trip (Note: we have no actual pictures from the Carlsbad Caverns portion of this trip.)
bulletRest Stop
bulletGuadelupe Mountains National Park
bulletUFO Museum

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April 8-12, 2001


WERC 2001

bulletMap of this year's trip
bullet On the Way to Las Cruces
bulletPhotos from the Competition
bullet Task 6 - removal of solid waste from storage tanks
bulletTask 7 - use of ponderosa pine
bullet General Photos
bulletAssembling and Testing the Bench-Scale Model
bulletAssembling the Full-Scale Model
bullet Task 11 - processing of semiconductor manufacture waste streams
bulletThe UFO (that's Unidentified Flying Object—and pronounced "yoo-foe"—this is, after all, New Mexico!  If we weren't able to find a real yoo-foe then, by George, we were going to make our own!)
bulletThe Sandstorm
bulletPhotos from the Awards Banquet
bullet Table and Group Photos
bullet Awards
bullet Sign of Home


PLAY 2001

bulletA Few Snapshots from Around Las Cruces
bullet Climbing the "A"
bulletOur Visit to White Sands National Monument
bulletPeople Jumping off the Sand Dunes (there was a lot of this)
bulletPeople Standing Around (when we weren't jumping)
bullet Making Tracks in the Sand ("R" rated)
bullet Sunset (it looked better in person)
bulletVisit to Farley's
bulletReturn to Albuquerque
bulletThe Owl Bar and Cafe
bullet Sandia Peak
bullet Santa Fe for a Day (including a nice '53(?) Chevy)
bulletThe Last Brew Pub

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April 2-6, 2000


WERC 2000

bulletMap of this year's trip
bulletPhotos from the Competition Tent
bullet Task Teams (Tasks 3, 4, and 8)
bulletThe WERC Tents
bulletPhotos from the Awards Banquet
bulletGeneral Banquet Table Photos
bulletTask 6 Team Accepts Award
bulletTask 8 Team with Ben and Abbas
bulletBen Stuart Accepts Award
bullet Other Group and Congratulatory Photos
bulletPhotos from the Celebration Dinner at Farley's


PLAY 2000

bulletThe Dripping Springs hike
bullet Climbing the "A"
bulletThe Ghost Town Trip
bulletThe Petroglyphs
bulletSee my two attempts to "stitch" together multiple photos to creat a panoramic view
bulletSerendipitous Microbrewery
bullet White Sands National Monument
bullet Carlsbad Caverns
bulletThe Best Frozen Custard West of the Pecos (were we west of the Pecos?)

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April 11-15, 1999


WERC and PLAY 1999

bulletBanquet Photos
bulletScenes from the Competition Tent
bulletGroup Photos



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