2000 Farley's
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We ate at a restaurant called Farley's, which was similar to an Applebee's or a TGI Friday's.  They were able to accommodate our large group in an outdoor eating area, where it was a pleasant evening.

We have no explanation as to why Randy Gasa, facing us in this photo with the "Be Kind..." t-shirt (we're not sure what we were being exhorted to be kind to), was not eating.  He seemed to be content to watch everyone else do so.

That's Ted Smith under the hat at the front right.  Ted almost got left behind in Las Cruces on the morning of our departure.  He hurriedly packed his suitcase before we left for the airport.  In fact, he was in such a hurry that the suitcase ended up with only one sock in it.  Of course, we're not sure that Ted ever actually changed clothes during the week, so the extra sock might have been all he brought.  Now that's traveling light!


The "end" table.  We later discovered that the top was barely attached to the base, and the high-priced shrimp appetizer had been this close to ending up on the floor.

The only really interesting part of this photo is to note the "before" condition of Ben Stuart, at far right facing away, and Lee Smith, to the right of Jenny Rockhold (distinguishable by her blond hair).  They, as well as several others, were about to embark on the eating of a hamburger dish (the exact name of which I can't remember) that was described on the menu as being "as big as yer head!"  Professor Stuart had remarked that the previous year he was able to finish the sandwich but not the fries.  He would consider it a success to do the same this year.

But Lee Smith set a new standard of performance.  He not only finished the burger, but the fries went down as well, and this was all after sampling several appetizers.  Ben bowed to the new master.


If you can think of a good caption for this one, please send it in.


The waiter brings some food.  Paul Liedtke, far right, is struggling over his choice of entree.  He can't decide between the chicken nuggets or the cheese sticks.  He ultimately decides to order both.

Holly Carlson can't believe she's eating whatever that is in her hand.  Scott Connor looks like he just ate some.

I would be sitting between Ben Stuart and Brian Good.  But I'm not.

Undercover police finally arrive on the scene before things get completely out of hand. 

Ben and friends at Farley's.