2000 Dripping Springs Hike
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Dripping Springs was at one time a health spa located in the foothills of the Organ Mountains to the east of Las Cruces.  In the late 1800s, a resort was built in the area to take advantage of the supposed healing properties of the local natural spring water.  Entrance to the trail leading to the former Dripping Springs resort.  


The resort has long since been abandoned, and the hike to reach the ruins makes for a pleasant afternoon.  Don't all of these OU students and faculty look pleased? 

That's Darin Ridgway in the blue shirt and hat.  He kept saying, "no no, this way."


One of the structures still standing at Dripping Springs.  Those are OU students climbing the steps and peering into windows.


The ruins of another of the buildings that was once part of the Dripping Springs resort.

It's difficult to see in this picture, but this is the Dripping Springs itself.  A cistern collected the water running down the mountain, and it was distributed through a single pipe sticking out of the cistern about in the center of this photo (not really visible).  It's sort of like visiting Plymouth Rock in Massachusettes.  When you finally see it, you discover that it's more like a pebble.


This is Joey.  Joey is six years old.  I met him during the hike to Dripping Springs.  He accused me of hitting him because, when we were both standing by a railing looking at something and I turned to move, my arm brushed the top of his head.  His mother was watching the whole thing and saw what actually happened, so I was in the clear.  Later on, I ran into Joey again (figuratively!), and I asked him if I could snap his picture as a remembrance of my visit to Dripping Springs.  I told him that I was going to show it to my son, who is also named Joey.  He thought that was cool.