2000 Frozen Custard
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All right, all right, what is this doing here.  When I was a kid, the best ice cream in town was at Abbott's Frozen Custard in Rochester, New York, a place that's still in business 30 years later and now has branches all over town.  Whenever I see a place that advertises as having "frozen custard," as opposed to simply "ice cream," I have to stop and check it out.  (Frozen custard is a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, and flavoring that is frozen to the consistency of ice cream.)  Before this trip, I had never found any as good as Abbott's, but that changed when we found Scoopy's.  In my opinion, this by itself is enough reason to return to Las Cruces every year.


Scoopy's from a distance.  There is nothing quite as American as the roadside ice cream stand.  The sight of one gives one a sense of calm and well-being in this ever more complicated world.  (Gaak!! Who writes this stuff?!)

Note the two fans aimed to direct a refreshing breeze on the customers as they wait in line on hot days.  It is apparent that Scoopy's spares no expense in catering to the comfort of its customers.

This photo appears elsewhere on this site, but it's worth repeating.  Nothing photographs as well at night as neon.