Golf 2000 to 2003
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During every one of our visits to Las Cruces over the last four years, we have managed to get in at least two rounds of golf.  We have played each of the four years at Painted Dunes in El Paso, and in 2001, 2002, and 2003, we played a second time at a newer course in Las Cruces called Sonoma Ranch Golf Course.  In 2000, instead of Sonoma Ranch, which wasn't yet open, we played a course which is now fully private, Picacho Hills Country Club.  Also in 2000, we played once each at the New Mexico State University course and at a resort course in Ruidoso, New Mexico about two hours north of Las Cruces.  Scorecards and photos from some of these rounds are below.


This is a true desert golf course, with lush, green (and obviously well-watered) fairways and desert as the rough.  Your ball goes off the fairway, and you're hitting off of sand, sometimes from behind small shrubs.


Darin Ridgway and Scott Connor at the first tee of the second nine at Painted Dunes.  April 2, 2001. Dan Gulino and Scott Connor at Painted Dunes on April 2, 2001.



Played April 2, 2000.  No dots.

Played April 8, 2001.  No dots for Dan or Darin.  Scott Connor played, too, but he didn't have a handicap, so we couldn't figure dots for him.  We did take him for all his money, though (which wasn't much!).

The scorecard was in color this year.


A golf course designed and built with one apparent goal:  to give something to build houses around and create a living-on-the-golf-course atmosphere.  The course was very nice, but most of the time the holes are surrounded by houses, and you're always thinking about hitting windows. 

Played April 3, 2000.  No dots.


Not a bad 18-hole course associated with New Mexico State (sure wish OU had an 18-hole course!).  Being early in the season, though, the Bermuda grass hadn't fully emerged, so both the fairways and rough were as smooth as glass.  Coupled with a steady 25-30 mile per hour wind, balls were flying (and rolling!) everywhere.

Played April 6, 2000.  Randy Gasa and Chris Lloyd joined us.  One dot each for Darin and Dan.



The last course we played in April 2000, located in Ruidoso, New Mexico, about two hours from Las Cruces and high in the mountains.  A bit on the short side, but still a good test of golf in beautiful surroundings.

Played April 7, 2000.  One dot for Darin.  One of the best rounds ever for Dan


This course is like Picacho Hills in that it was constructed for the purpose of building houses around it and creating a golf-course community of some sort.  But this one was new, and there were not many houses around when we played.

Played on April 10, 2001, just before the big sandstorm.  One dot for Darin.