2001 Las Cruces
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Several snapshots from our five days in Las Cruces in 2001.


Mesilla is south of Las Cruces and was the location of the first settlement in the area.  Today, it is a quiet square of shops and restaurants.  This gazebo is in the center of the square, and it makes a fine spot for a picture.  Front row, left to right:  Dan Bednar, Chrissy Cunningham, April Frye, Eric Wittine.  Back row, left to right:  Darin Ridgway, Bryan Wanosky, and Frank Kerze.

This one needs no explanation.

Visited often while in Las Cruces, this is Scoopy's, home of the best frozen custard anywhere (almost!)

Two unidentified OU students soaking up ultraviolet radiation.

Laying around in the motel parking lot, waiting for a ride?