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On our way back from golfing on Friday, we passed a small sign by the side of the road as we entered Carrizozo, New Mexcio, and Darin literally slammed on the brakes.  The words "brewing company" had caught his eye, so we turned around and went back to read the sign.  We figured that it was probably referring to something that was 100 miles away or something, but, no, it said "one-half mile ahead on the left."  What we found is pictured above, the Sierra Blanca Brewing Company, complete with a tasting room, which is actually just a small office off their main office. 

As we sampled several of their products, we inquired as to why they were located in a small town in New Mexico, and he gave us the very logical answer, "space is cheap."  They supply a number of inns and taverns in resort areas in the southwestern U.S., so it apparently didn't matter exactly where they were physically located.  Also, they guy running the place is originally from Cincinnati.  (Ohio connections seem to be everywhere!)