2000 The Petroglyphs
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On the last full day in New Mexico, Gulino and Ridgway went golfing while most of the rest of the gang went to Carlsbad Caverns.  (Different priorities, don't you know.)  On the way back to Las Cruces, we visited a site containing petroglyphs, which is what graffiti is called once it's been left on the rock it was written on for several hundred years.  The site is officially known as the Three Rivers Petroglyphs National Recreation Site, and it is located about 5 miles east of Three Rivers, New Mexico (population 4) off of US 54 about 30 miles north of Alamogordo.

These particular petroglyphs were left by a tribe of early Native Americans who disappeared without a trace about 600 years ago, according to the literature at the site.  These people lived in the area from about 900 to about 1400 A.D. 



Looking back toward the parking area/ campground at the Three Rivers petroglyphs site.  By now we had noticed that practically everything in New Mexico is in the middle of nowhere.

An example of the 21,000 petroglyphs that were supposedly visible at the site (21,000!--boy, the graffiti artists of today have nothing on their ancestors!).  We decided that this one looked like a flying saucer getting ready to land or else beaming someone on the ground aboard (what else could that thing sticking down from the center of it be if not the sparkle of a transporter beam?), so all of those claims that we were visited by space aliens hundreds or thousands of years ago and that it's the space aliens who built the pyramids and so forth are actually true.  The guide to the site claims that this is a rendition of an arrow killing an animal, presumably to eat.  Fine.  That's one interpretation.  I like mine better.