2001 Sandia Peak
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Sandia Peak is a mountain (elevation 10,678 feet) to the east of Albuquerque that more or less overlooks the city.  It is about a half-hour drive from town to the summit.  The temperature at the top when we were there was about 30 degrees, while it was about 65 in the city.


See.  10,678 feet.

It was bright and sunny, but we shivered.


Looking south. Frank Kerze and Paul Liedtke.

Looking southwest.  That's Albuquerque spreading out below.


From left, Alex Thompson, Scott Connor (in front), Dan Bednar (behind), Chrissy Cunningham, Jeff Leake, April Frye, Frank Kerze, Jeremiah Buckenberger, and Paul Liedtke.

Frank Kerze, April Frye, Eric Wittine.


Dan Gulino and Darin Ridgway.

Mike Kotheimer hanging on.


Jeff Leake hanging on.

Someone should have stepped on these guys' fingers the way Martin Landau stepped on Cary Grant's fingers on Mt. Rushmore in "North by Northwest."


Jeff Leake, rescued and contemplating the meaning of it all.