2001 Santa Fe
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After visiting Sandia Peak in the morning, we headed on up to Santa Fe along New Mexico route 14, the "Turquoise Trail."  This is a much more scenic route, and there are several ghost towns/tourist trap/artist colonies to visit on the way.


Located in Madrid (pronounced MAD-rid), New Mexico, a former ghost town, is Mama Lisa's Ghost Town Kitchen.  Madrid is on the way to Santa Fe.
The corner of San Francisco Street and the Santa Fe Trail in downtown Santa Fe.
Central square, downtown Santa Fe.
Dan Bednar and Scott Connor.
The Mine Shaft Tavern, which is a brewpub in Santa Fe.
From left, Darin Ridgway, Kurt Lape, Ryan Marthy, and Mike Kotheimer in the Santa Fe brewpub.
April Frye and Chrissy Cunningham in front of the St. Francis Cathedral.
The church they're in front of.
The sign in front of the church they're in front of.
Pristine 1953 (I think) Chevy spotted in Madrid.