2000 Banquet
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The fellow in the middle was one of the judges.  He is flanked by Jeff Messaros and Brian Good.  Left to right in foreground are Lynn Keller, Christina Cunningham, and Jen Himes.

Left to right, Brian Weaver, Jeremiah Buckenberger, Pedja Mitrovic, Paul Liedtke, and Lee Smith.


Left to right, Shannon Hester, Leanne Dome, Trent Ottery, Darin Ridgway, and a fellow named Mike Hart, who is from the White Sands Missile Range.  He was one of the judges, and he also told us how to find out when they were firing so we could avoid the closing of the highway (a major, east-west U.S. highway) passing through the firing area.

Left to right, contest judge Mike Hart, Reyad Shawabkeh, who is from Mutah University in Jordan and who was also a contest judge, Lynn Keller, Geoff Duncan (eyes closed), and Jake King.