2001 Assembling the Full-Scale Model
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Jason Wise and Ty Thompson push, Jeff Leake pulls, and Abigail Zechman supervises.

Joe Howard and Dan Gulino, at left, can't bear to watch!

This is what they were doing.  Each timber piece needed a hole drilled to a certain depth in each end. 
Be careful what you say to him...Ryan Marthy has a chain saw!

The chaps make the man!

Parts for both the bench-scale and full-scale models accumulating outside the tents.  They would soon be brought inside for assembly.
Assembly of the full-scale model gets underway. First layer complete.
Construction continues... Nearing completion...
To top it off, attaching the Bobcat flag. All finished!
Looks good, doesn't it! All but one of the entire Ohio University WERC contingent sitting on the full-scale model (and thus demonstrating its strength and stability!).  The only person not pictured is Ty Thompson, who operated the camera.