2000 Task Teams
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Some of the Task 3 Team.  Left to right, Jenny Rockhold, Shannon Hester, and Trent Ottery.

The Task 4 Team standing next to their poster (on which the word "devestment" was spelled correctly in all occurrences!).  Left to right, Jeff Messaros, Holly Carlson, Christina Cunningham, Jen Himes, and Leanne Dome.  Pay no attention to the "Purdue University" sign above them.  The picture was taken at an angle, and it's from the next booth over.


Task 4 about to conduct surgery.

Part of the Task 8 team in front of their poster.  From left to right kneeling, Geoff Duncan, Jake King, and Dan Bednar.  Standing left to right, Jeremiah Buckenberger and Pedja Mitrovic.

Task 8 poster.

Task 8 apparatus.  Note the nifty Ohio University Banner.  All of the task teams had one.
Task 8 presenting their work to a group of judges.
Another Task 8 photo.  Standing is Lynn Keller.  Kneeling left to right, Jeremiah Buckenberger, Dan Bednar, and Pedja Mitrovic.