Rental Vehicle History
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Making a permanent record of the vehicles rented has become a regular thing.  We travel great distances when on our New Mexico trips, and we start to feel like we know the vehicle better than we know our own mothers!


Below, in reverse chronological order, are the vehicles we have rented since 2000.


The two Ford E-350s we rented in 2011.
Our 2010 Chevy Express for our 2010 trip.  Note that it was "flex-fuel."  We never found a fueling station on our trip that offered E-85 fuel, so we just put plain old gasoline in it.
The Ford E-350 we rented in 2009.
The Chevrolet Express we rented in 2008.
The two Jeep Grand Cherokees we rented in 2006.
The Chevy Suburban SUV and Chevy Express van we rented in 2005.
The three Chevy Suburbans we rented in 2004.
The Chevy Express van and two Ford Windstar minivans we rented in 2003.
The two Ford E350 vans we rented in 2002.  They're behind all those people who got in the way.
The two Ford E350 vans we rented in 2001.  Without even having to ask, they gave us OU colors.  (The one in the lower photo is dark green.  The bright sunshine makes that hard to see in this photo.)
Above and below are the Ford Minvan and one of the three Ford Tauruses we rented in 2000.