2001 Standing Around
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When we weren't jumping off of the sand dunes, we did a lot of standing and walking around.


Most of us, from a distance. Resting between jumps.
Watching Scott Connor create footprint sculpture in the distance. A footprint tracing of Darin Ridgway wearing his trademark cap.
For 35 cents, Frank Kerze would carry you around in circles for 15 seconds.  Here he carries April Frye around, and we think he gave her a discount.  It must have been a hell of a good one, because these two got married in June of 2004. Jeff Leake and Dan Bednar.  Civil engineers and chemical engineers can be friends.
I like this one because that shadow at lower left is of me taking the picture.  The speck on the ridge at center in the distance is Ben Stuart.  This is probably the only time in his life when Ben was described as a speck. OK, so I got into this shadow thing.  Those are our shadows in the center.  This started out as a picture of the outhouse in the distance, but I quickly decided to call it a picture of our shadows.  Check out the 2004 White Sands page for shadow-making run amok.

At left center.  It's pronounced "OU."  The A and the C are silent.


The sand equivalent of snow angels.